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Lighting creates a mood for your event, whether it be romantic and calm or high energy and vibrant. It enhances the room, the atmosphere and your guests’ experience.

Dance Floor Lighting
Dance floor lighting is included in Paul’s fee. Lighting that is synchronized with the music creates a dynamic and festive atmosphere for the event. To further personalize your event, Paul offers Gobo Lighting, which projects your names or custom monogram on the wall, ceiling or dance floor. The combination of lighting and music will persuade even the most reluctant dancer to get out on the floor.

Click here to see examples of dance floor lighting.

Decor Lighting
Architectural or uplighting can be provided for your event for an additional fee. Uplighting involves using light reflected off of walls, ceilings and other surfaces to create variety in the ambiance, and it is one of the easiest ways to enhance an event space. Paul has an inventory of different types and sizes of lights to ensure that the uplighting will fit the mood and decor of the event. The placement of uplights can make a big difference in the overall feel of the event, making the venue as memorable as the ceremony and reception.

Click here to see examples of decor lighting.